Possum yarn – Old Rose at last!

Be not deceived – cute he may look, the brushtail possum is a decimator of New Zealand’s native bush and birdlife 😦     All is not lost though, good does come from the existence of this creature : possum fur combined with merino wool creates a superb yarn with a gorgeous handle…..my personal fave  🙂

I’ve been hanging out for months for this years pink stock to arrive at The Wool Company, my favourite supplier of this yum yarn.  Old Rose is the only pink shade on offer this year.  I’d already decided on pink, missing out last year on Lipstick (a brighter shade)  I’d had my heart set on.  Never mind, Old Rose is still delish. Possum yarn will not pill  (a huge bonus) and possum fibre is 55 % warmer than merino, so will knit into a fabulously cuddly, soft, light, and toasty warm garment. I also love the possum ‘haze’ effect on the finished garment….in short, I cannot fault it!

The pattern : I’m knitting Old Rose into is another cabled vest, same as this one I made last year (Sublime book 614 – Mannequin).  I love the pattern so much (horizontal cables are striking) and found this a very useful garment. Last time I went neutral with Natural. This year I bought extra yarn, hoping I have enough to make Ania a bobble jacket.

Lindsay’s fingerless mitts – one down, one to go. These are so quick to make I MUST make a pair for myself this year. Ravelry have oodles of free patterns for these and many other garments – so worth joining!

No hand was maimed in the shooting of this pic.

This beauty – Raewyn’s lovely lacey shawl. Exquisite – embellished with thousands of beads. Currently with over 900 stitches on the needle, each row taking about an hour to knit. Feedback from Raewyn about this pattern : she’d definitely use it again, eliminating some of the beading which slowed her down.

Wendy worked away on her sister’s jersey, maybe finished next week?


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