Ravelry rocks

This week as the needles clicked away a lot of our conversation  centered around Ravelry – the awesome online  “community for knitters, crocheters, designers, spinners, weavers and dyers to keep track of their yarn, tools, project and pattern information, and look to others for ideas and inspiration”. Wendy, not yet a Ravelry member, figured she’s missing out on all the fun and has decided she really must apply for membership. Yes, you have to apply and wait a few days for your invite to join. Makes you feel kinda special, although the membership base is in the umpteen thousands.

This is the beginnings of an experimental scarf  project I’m doing for a friend, who is a fledgling fashion designer. Unfortunately the chunky cables are not easy to pick out in the photo,  click on the pic to enlarge for detail. I say experimental as there are some nifty additions planned to change this humble accessory into something rather special. I’m just doing the knitting part, I’ll keep you informed.

Raewyn’s celebrated FO : Aeolian Shawl, pattern by Elizabeth Freeman, Touch Yarns Kid Mohair Merino 2 ply. By the way – this pattern is available as a free download on Ravelry – so many freebie patterns to be had on Ravelry….amazing.

As I mentioned last week, thousands of beads have been used in the making of this shawl.  Click on any of the pics to enlarge and see those beads sparkle! Raewyn says she’ll definitely make another Aeolian, but next time she won’t work as many beads. Not for the faint hearted – over 900 stitches per row on the home stretch…wow!

Lindsay’s FO fingerless mitts for her sister. The picot edging a nice finish. I love the cable wrist, Lindsay really enjoyed making these and they were a easy quick project. Next up for Lindsay – tonight she started a circular shawl for herself in 2 ply.

With Aeolian coming to an end, Raewyn is filling a gap before her next big project. The baby’s hat has an interesting scalloped edge, the yarn is from her stash…….a rich buttery yellow.

The yoke…at last and my fave part of all! Instead of using a solid colour for the fair isle  (above),  I’m working a leftover ball from a Garnstudio project last year (below). I’m really pleased with the effect of this variegated yarn.

….Don’t stay at home and knit alone…..if you’re reading this  and want to meet up with a friendly knitting group in Lyall Bay, Wellington,  check out my Contact tab for details and come along…..new knitters are always welcome 🙂


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