iKnit – getting through…..with LOST

This week all present continued with WIP’s – except Lindsay…

….Lindsay is back on the needles, starting her new project – fingerless gloves for her sister. The cabled cuff acts as a band and adds shape – nothing worse than baggy cuffs. The pattern – full credit to Ravelry.

This pic captures Simone’s knitting speed. I tell you, the needles were smoking. She’s keen to finish the all-rib beanie for her beau and start her new project.

Due to the fact that I’m knitting my way through LOST from series start (up to season 3 in two weeks and loving it) my second sleeve is really growing. Yoke…here I come 🙂

Wendy’s motoring through her sister’s jersey in Naturally’s Tussock 10 ply 85% pure new wool, 15% polyester effect yarn – not sure what she’s decided on next. Maybe those cute and oh so adorable knitted wild animals by Sarah Keen.


One thought on “iKnit – getting through…..with LOST

  1. I LOVE IT! Knitting your way through LOST! The current season of LOST is actually the only show that I won’t let myself knit/crochet during, I just have to soak in every last scene and can’t stand to miss even a minute of it.

    Happy LOST watching!!

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