About Me

iKnitI started knitting when I was about 8yrs old and have been going strong ever since. You could say I’ve been knitting all my life, knitting has always been a part of my life.  Creating knitted wearables gives me a lot of pleasure and satisfaction. Anyone who has a hobby they are passionate about will understand how focused and intentional a knitter can become!

My knitting projects have clothed me and my children, and are now touching a new generation as I knit gorgeous creations for my grandbaby’s, Ania, Raziel and Siân.

I love detailing and I’m drawn to tricky and intricate patterns be they cables, lacey, fair isle, or textured. Tackling projects that require more than a little concentration really puts me in my knitting zone….that detail thing again which is visible in other aspects of my life.

With the arrival of grandbaby’s I’ve refocused on baby/child knits, knitting in 3ply and 4ply are favourites. Adult garments and accessories tend to be my in between projects. I love hand dyed yarns, the striking colours captivate me and grab my attention, likewise patterns and ideas which keep me enthralled and keen to knit more.

I am blessed to live in an awesome wool producing country, New Zealand, giving me easy access to  high quality yarn. My local yarn stores are Knit World and Wellington Sewing Services, my favourite on-line store are Deramores UK based offering excellent international service and a great product range; Skeinz, and The Wool Company are New Zealand based.

I have a day job so most of my knitting time is in the evening  (I try to get a few rows in during my lunch hour). As well as being an avid knitter I’m also a keen gardener and blessed to live close to the sea. My first love being ‘old roses’, followed closely by camellias and NZ native species……I have a refined interest in food, coffee, wine, and love reading for information (that detail thing again). I’m a Faith centered person which is how I make sense of life and the world.

I’m a knitter, and  blogging seems a great way to share this part of my world and maybe even inspire others to give knitting ago.  Join me – as I take up the challenge of creating: patterns, techniques, ideas,  and connecting with awesome people who also love to knit (maybe you!).

lamb-2A New Zealand Spring lamb

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