Message from Rosebel…end of an era

It’s the end of an era! I’ve decided not to restart iKnit this year.

Time to let someone else continue the journey on our local patch or let things take their course…

It’s been a great adventure from its beginning almost 4 years ago. My first blog was posted April 19, 2009 and wow, a lot of yarn has passed through busy hands since then! Not to mention countless knitted lovelies.

It’s been a privilege to meet as strangers and make so many wonderful friends along the way. Thank you for all sharing generously your talent, skills, conversation, and friendship to make iKnit the fun group it was. I know I’ve learned a lot.

I admire you all for your own individual specialties and passion for knitting; lace, socks, toys, scarves, shawls, the quirky, hats, beads, gloves, garments, patterns…

I’ve loved every minute of the group and hold many warm and hilarious memories.

To my blog followers and all those who passed through my blog, thank you – for taking a look and leaving your messages.

I shall leave iKnit blog live, feel free to ask for info on anything, I’ll help where I can.

Rosebel 🙂


One thought on “Message from Rosebel…end of an era

  1. It’s been an epic amount of effort! Well done! Though the end of an era is often tinged sadness, I’m sure that whatever challenge/ project comes next will be as equally inspiring.

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