iKnit Christmas 2012


iKnit crew last meet for 2012. Having to choose 1 fave knit of the year each and to say why wasn’t easy to do, we’ve all been so prolific….and truth be told, for different reasons we loved them all!


Decorations for The Tree, by Simone…


…. and by Maureen.

IMG_4540    IMG_4541

Simone’s masterpiece finished, magnificent!





On a shawl roll, Simone started her KAL Christmas wrap, yarn by The Unique Sheep in beautiful gradient blue/lavender shades. Already we can tell this will be another fab pattern. The beginnings start with the long cabled piece (above) which make the base from which the identical sides are knit (below).



IMG_4696    IMG_4698

Booties by Wendy, a quick project to keep going with while waiting for a Deramores parcel to arrive 🙂

    IMG_4915    IMG_4916

Karyn became an expert with cables this year, and working in the yarn retail industry is sometimes commissioned to do a garment. This almost complete cardigan will be heading to the UK for some lucky male recipient – modelled by Simone.


Interesting design and will likely not be as difficult as it looks, a project waiting in the wings for Karyn.


Raewyn’s WIP in lace.


Furbles? never! These are from the creative hand of Pani who is undoubtedly a pompom whiz extraordinaire.



Pani’s mum crafted these menagerie cuties, not minding the fiddly aspects one bit.

IMG_4998    IMG_4999

My WIP: just started the sleeves of my High Neck Sweater from Wendy book 344 – Merino Knits (I’m straying for this one and using a Sirdar acrylic DK in a delectable emerald shade).


My latest love affair is with a return to orange and as this shade shows, not by halves. When I make an online order I always hope the colour is spot on and this one did not disappoint. When my parcel from Deramores arrived my heart skipped a beat with joy! This shade is amazingly beautiful and I can’t wait to get started (yarn by Adriafil Soffio Plus).


You may have noticed with these newbies my fling with fluffiness is continuing on from my white lace cardi. This lovely multi Brushstrokes chunky, also another recent acquisition from Deramores, is also in the queue for New Year knits. With lots more dreaming and scheming to be had, 2013 is shaping up to be another great year of knitting!


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