Knitting for myself

A couple of winters a go I made a great buy at a Knit World sale, snapping up some wool mohair acrylic by Mill Shop. The off-white colour not ideal (certainly not practical) and the yarn may pill, a  choice  I may live to regret on both counts. However the image in my mind’s eye of the amazing creation it would become was too tempting.

I then went through my patterns and rediscovered an oldie and was dismayed to find I only had the cover of the pattern not the pattern itself. An extensive search went underway to track down the pattern from a now defunct pattern house. Many months later, I took a punt on a Thorobred brushed wool book at The Knitting Knitch which ended well as the pattern was in the book.

When it came down to it though, I had a disconnect with the two and put the project on hold indefinitely. That’s until I checked out Drops Design latest for 2012/2013. Several designs caught my eye, one in particular Drops number 141-6 and I  immediately knew this was right for my yarn and for me. A very feminine overall lace pattern and a shawl collar (a personal favourite), all-in-all totally irresistible.

The last thing I made for myself was Green, in January – my fabulous and much admired grass-green aran jersey (the speedy wrist warmers don’t count).  I’ve almost finished Ania’s replacement white acrylic DK lacey bolero. A replacement because the first one got thrashed and is now far too small (although still squeezed into), and then I’ll be getting cracking on this gorgeous Drops, for me.

And what the crew’s been up to since last time…

Karen’s finished and fabulous shawl, a Unique Sheep KAL (unblocked), will post a shot of her latest KAL shawl next time!

Maureen’s fair isle tunic turns heads wherever she goes.


Brilliant in blue, triangular scarf by Karyn.


Karyn’s getting into cables, and the collared jersey’s colour is much nicer in the flesh –  Patons Jet.

Busy bee me had a hankering for ages to make a poncho for Ania and I’m pretty pleased with the result Hayfield 9572 in Bonus Aran Tweed…


and for Raz, Sirdar 1240 using Click, a multi wool blend and 100% blue wool from my stash for the bands. Truth be told, I bought the multi yarn months ago and didn’t  have enough for the bigger size. I agree with everyone that the contrast is an improvement.


I loved making the leaf-square baby blanket in the multi mint Sirdar Kisses yarn so much that I had to use the same yarn to make a baby blanket for my friend Lacey, this time in Sunshine. The exquisite pattern is Fiber Trends, Easy Knit Baby Blankets Collection II Heart Blanket.

It’s a wrap – all ready for the baby shower 🙂


Raewyn put aside her KAL shawl in preference for some winter warmth in this wonderful pattern. By dying over the previous colour she ended up with a colour scheme more to her liking.

With always more than one thing on the go, Raewyn also knocked off these cuties, brown and multi stripes.

Want to join our knitting group?

Newcomers are always welcome – don’t stay at home an knit alone come and check us out ……. contact me via the Contact tab for meeting details :)


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