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March 1 marks the beginning of Autumn in NZ and as I write the Country is thrust into the eye of the storm. With the hatches battened down, a bit of blogging and time in front of the big screen is planned (accompanied by all the necessities – expresso, yummy food, and heat pump). Top of the list naturally is knitting and my latest WIP now well underway, a 4 ply jersey for Ania – merino yarn by The Wool Company in a girly pink called ‘Lipstick”. Should get a lot done today.

Not without a snag in nutting out the pattern at the beginning though, must have restarted 6 times, grrh!. A lacey 10 row repeat pattern requiring one to take a deep breath and really concentrate on yrn fwds. That’s where the iKnit crew come in, providing a fresh set of eyes to check over the pattern (thanks Karen), and me holding my mouth right, I got there in the end!


Janette showed us her cute as FOs – tea cosy (cute enough to wear as a hat) and a hat.


Fiona resisted opening her parcel from The Unique Sheep that arrived earlier in the day to instead share the moment with the group. Plenty of drooling and oohs and arrrhs over the fab colours….


…also shared amongst the group – the Sweathearts accompanying the parcel, thanks Fiona 🙂


More from The Unquie Sheep is the Christmas Club shawlette Karen created……….

and cast off this week. Stunned now?.. wait until it’s been washed and blocked! If only the photos showed how beautiful the colours really are!


A Christmas Carol shawlette pattern, colourway Dickens, fiber Content: 50% Superwash Merino, 50% Tencel from the Tinsel Toes range.

Karen wearing her own creation – silk adding some sheen to this easy wear neutral tone top.

Kirsty is departing from the norm and knitting with wire and beads to create amazing jewellery delights.

Wendy‘s latest FO: people are lining up to get their hands on her knits which is no surprise – with even tension and neat make up, who wouldn’t want their little darling decked out in such quality.


Raewyn finished one shawlette with another on the needle. Notice the stitch markers which Raewyn also makes herself.

With only the pom pom to attach to complete this toasty head warmer – made by Karen P (iKnit has two Karen’s now) for the shop, modelled by Simone.


ooh la la! Sunshine yellow at its knockout gorgeous best! I’m not a glove knitter but honestly, seeing these stunners made by Fiona has me thinking I just may have to make myself a pair!


The pattern called Guinevere is by Julia Mueller  and as Julia says …” a handy way to use some treasured sock yarn that you can’t bear to wear out on your feet.” Pattern available for purchase on Ravelry.


So happy with my latest FO – aran! Kinda like the break of not having the entire garment in cables etc. The double moss did become a bit tedious but was well worth it in the end. Pattern is King Cole 3209, yarn – merino blend aran, also by King Cole – in the delicious shade of Lawn Green. I kid you not, this green is as green as grass. If you’re a green lover you’ll absolutely love it!

Simone is almost ready to cast off her seamless top down knit in ferny green, perendale yarn from Briar Patch. I wonder if green is the colour this winter?

Another ‘bright’ this time in aqua, a bolero in the making by Charlotte. There’s many reasons to knit garments for babies/children, being quick work on the needle is one of them. Charlotte will have this beauty finished in no time.


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