iKnit Spring at last

September 1 was a great day for me being the first day of Spring – a new season at last. The days are lighter and longer, the daffodils are blooming and daylight saving is just around the corner. I’m definitely not a winter person and I’m so glad winter is over.

So what has iKnit been up to……


Simone has caught the spinning bug, after getting the hang of a drop spindle she’s decided to get herself a spinning wheel and take some lessons.

There’s something rather unnerving about this Dwarven Battle Bonnet made by Fiona.

All ready to go to a new baby, made by Wendy from Patons Book 1303 – Newborn Collection. Yarn from Skeinz in Onekawa, Napier NZ – check them out they have great specials. I liked the book so much I bought it too.

Charlotte’s super quick gauntlet project. The perfect thing when winter walking Berry (Charlotte’s beloved dog) so much easier to maneuver than gloves when picking up poop!


Raewyn’s red scarf with eyelet scalloped leaf edge .


Inside outside which way to wear. Super warm possum yarn reversible socks made by Fiona.


Hardcore sock making not for the fainthearted. I recall Fiona mentioning a feat not to be repeated!


Raewyn’s two-at-a-time socks on the circulars. Detailing to the max.

Simone’s shawl, a lovely gift for her Mum – lace weight yarn from Skeinz. This photo was taken on the iKnit Tuesday that happened to fall on my Birthday. My dear husband had arranged for the knitting crew to turn up for a pot luck dinner, a total surprise to me! A remarkable event in that it snowed in Wellington that night, it never snows in Wellington! Thanks again everyone, it was a great evening and I thoroughly enjoyed it 🙂

The beginnings of a hat for her sister, Simone got the pattern off Ravelry.

The balaclava I made worked out in the end. It took quite a lot of research and I had to combine a pattern off Ravelry with an ancient WW2 design. I can report that chin covering balaclava patterns seem to be in demand but are rare as hens teeth to find.

Fiona’s fluted edge baktus.

My latest project is for Raz – a textured cardigan in 4 ply aqua merino from The Wool Company. It’s almost finished and I’m almost out of yarn, darn it, so I went ahead an ordered another ball. It won’t arrive for 3 weeks and in the unlikely event that I do have enough (hope beyond hope) I will have time to cancel. It’s so annoying as I’ll only be out by a smidgen. Never mind, the notion of using a contrast colour to finish is out of the question.

Want to join a knitting group? newcomers are welcome – come and check us out ……. contact me via the Contact tab for meeting details, we’re in Wellington NZ.


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