Sirdar Cable Tank for Raziel – easy quick holiday knitting

The Christmas mayhem did not deter this knitter, I finished Raz’s tank in time to reopen his already wrapped pressie hidden under the tree and carefully place the tank inside. Re-taping  perfectly, no one would know about this last-minute inclusion. Well, Raz at least would never know, he’s only 3 months old. The Big Day in Welly was everything we hoped for to enjoy a BBQ fit for royalty. Despite the warmth, after present opening Raz was able to wear his gorgeous Snuggly  DK tank for an hour or so (Sirdar book 357). I stuck with the suggested fleck  coloured yarn and was not disappointed with the effect. Overall, a very positive acrylic yarn knitting experience.





I found this tank/vest garment for an infant  a quick and easy project option. As well as being a useful and versatile garment, working in a decorative stitch as in this pattern with cables and double moss – very cute. Cable designs, a particularly sharp look for boys.

Though I’m off work and on hols for 1 whole month (yipee) my needles will not be silent or idle. Moving  straight on from the vest I’m well under way on design D: Bolero – for Ania – pattern in the same book as the tank (design C) and I’m pleased I went with white for this project. Hopefully it’ll be finished over the next couple of weeks and get heaps of summer wearing over cute little tees and pretty summer dresses.

I like the lacey pattern which being only 4 rows  is super easy to remember and has enough interest to keep one on their toes. I’m feeling rather happy with myself as this is the second pattern I’ve used in this book which makes the hefty $NZ19  seem worthwhile. A beret & blanket also make up Design D, I’m not envisaging the beret for Ani but the blanket would be awesome to knit for someone. For a blanket though, white will be out of the question.

I’ll keep you posted on progress and my next endeavour which will not be for myself, though I hear my white brushed yarn shawl collar cardi calling.

A warmer knit for Raziel, I’ve had a yarn and colour in mind for some time, ever since I saw my dear friend Rose knitting the yarn for her grandbaby Louie  –  Magic Garden Buttons DK  899 Turquoise – Sophistikids.

I haven’t decided on a pattern yet except that I’ll be using a pattern I have already and I’ll get my yarn online from a LYS The Yarn Queen.

I must add in reality the yarn looks heaps better in every way than the sample shows (colour more intense not so insipid).

Happy New Year to You All
– particularly my iKnit girls –
and may 2011 be a good year for you – live it well!



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