iKnit – Lyall Bay, Wellington

Despite not making my weekly Posts for a few weeks the group has faithfully continued to meet however, so I’ll fill you in on what everyone’s been up to…..

My bolero and I love love love it! Crafted in Patons Serenity DK, bamboo & cotton mix, in one of my favourite colours.

I’ve not knit in this yarn mix previously so it was a bit of an unknown how I’d rate the experience – I enjoyed the handle and it was easy to work with. My concerns about laundering are still to be tested, I’m hoping my new love won’t turn into a overstretched rag!

The style is gorgeous and I’ve had lots of comments since completion a couple of weeks ago. The pattern – Sirdar 9152 – size range 24-46 inch bust, plus it can be made short sleeved as well. A friend has requested I knit one for her in black, yikes….not good for my eyes, I’ll have to investigate the colour range for a dark alternative.

More shots, total over indulgence I know, did I mention I love this garment!



The thing is, what makes this pattern is the shawl collar and frilly/ruffle edge, without either or both it would be in my opinion, average – both are personal faves. The glass honed button adds snaz as well. The main deviation I made to the pattern involved getting my grey cells working, doing the math to work the entire edge in the round. The pattern asked for each edge section to be knit separately, way too many unnecessary finishing seams.

A delightful top made by Karyn for her daughter – DK bamboo cotton (Panda). The big disappointment with with project was the yarn – Karyn was caught out by poor dye  processing by the manufacturer. All balls were supposedly from the same batch but the variance was very noticeable, creating a distinct line across the garment. It was more noticeable when the garment was lying down, not so obvious when worn, a small consolation.

Adding a label.

Check out the puff sleeves, ooh la la, executed perfectly and ‘made’ the garment. Despite the drama with the yarn the top is so cute and Karyn reports her daughter simply loves it and lives in it, surely that’s the highest praise of all.

Charlotte’s open work summer wrap in a knock-your-socks-off colour of clearest aqua, stunning.Lee working her magic on a stripe creation with the clever use of DK leftovers.

Simone modelling her 10ply jacket, finished in time to take on her tramping trips to Milford and The Hollyford. This week we were treated to a slide show of Simone’s adventure’s and the photos were amazing, looked like she had a fantastic time.

Sock commencing from the toe. Simone bought the yarn at Knitting Pretty on a mid year field trip. I’ve been dying to see how this yarn would knit up and am not disappointed – the colours are intense, beautiful, unfortunately not reflected in the photo. I love the open stitch that’s now starting to emerge.Lindsay deviated from her usual genre when she made this lovely baby’s jacket – finished all but for the buttons. Instead of following the Sirdar pattern knitting the yoke in sections, Lindsay knit it in the round which can be easily done on almost any pattern. As Lindsay says “a good exercise for the little grey cells”.

Raewyn’s shawl masterpiece…ooohhh aaarrrr….The pattern detailing jumps out following the washing and blocking process.



The lace weight yarn was custom dyed for Raewyn by The Unique Sheep in the States.


Raewyn based her colour choice on a favourite rose – very pretty for summer wearing. Shots taken in Wellington Botanic Garden’s Lady Norwood Rose Garden.

Raewyn latest FO’s in time to hang on the Christmas tree and a ready break from things complex.

Happy Christmas to one and all

This week was our last meet for the year! It’s been another awesome year of fun and achievement on lots of levels. We did get some knitting done this week amid the Christmas bubbles and tasty morsels, a fitting way to end another awesome year of knitting friendship and muse over the many, many labours of love we created over the last 12 months.

iKnit will be kicking off again in the New Year of 2011, probably early Feb. I’ll be writing posts over the hiatus with snippets of my project’s etc, when we’re all back from our holiday happenings there’ll be a plethora of reveals.

iKnit is…..
If you enjoy knitting on your own you’ll love knitting in a group with other keen knitters – it’s so much fun sharing the experience…so don’t stay at home and knit alone, come and join the fun, we welcome new members…..and if perchance you read this, live in the locale, can’t knit a stitch but would love to learn – you’re very welcome too!
iKnit meets in Lyall Bay, Wellington (see Contact tab for more details)



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