Snuggly IS snugly

Never thought I’d hear myself say I love knitting with acrylic yarn but as the saying goes – never say never! Hmm, I need to clarify that statement, some acrylic yarn, not all acrylics are equal  – I discovered that on my first ventures into man-made yarn last winter!

We had a busy weekend away recently which called for an easy pick-up-put-down project. This presented an opportunity to start a vest for Raz, to keep him going over the summer months. The cable double moss style is easy and demanded just enough concentration over the weekend.

I ordered the Snuggly DK yarn online in NZ from the Yarn Queen. They carry a great colour range, I chose ‘speckle’ 265 because I like the idea of a fleck going through. The pattern from Sirdar’s Dottie & Spottie book 357 purchased online also.

It’s a first for me that I haven’t made a Post for at least 3 weeks. This editions pics are from all our iKnit gatherings over that time. The cute baby jacket is a special order Karen is working on for a client  – sumptuous yarn – by Debbie Bliss.

Another special order Karen is knitting, evidence she’s more than just a socks girl.

Charlotte started on this fabulous wrap. I say fabulous because the aqua colour, a favourite of Charlotte’s, is knock-out gorgeous – yarn purchased online in NZ from Skeinz.

Almost done! After 4 years in the making, Simone is at last on the home stretch. Very timely too, she’ll be taking it with her on a tramping tour of the South Island. Those evenings down there can be chilly as, even at this time of the year. Can’t wait to hear all about the trip.

Lee working her magic on another stripey creation.

Raewyn’s at the business end of her circular shawl. Knitting in the round on circular needles, how else could you manage  the 900 plus stitches. The custom dyed colours by The Unique Sheep are simply beautiful. Now the pinky tones are being worked I love it all the more. Note the fine lacey stitch detailing – brilliant!

Wendy’s nearly finished her jersey front, the textured yoke is looking really awesome. The sleeves are stst and being fast on the needles I’m picking she’ll easily meet her goal to finish by next winter.

Lyndsay’s been alternating between her shawl and baby’s jacket, both of which are nearing completion.

I went back to my raspberry bolero project this week now I’m back from our road trip. I’ve nearly finished the sleeve increases (I hate that part), looking forward to doing the frilly shawl collar and edges- can’t wait to show you them.

iKnit is…..
If you enjoy knitting on your own you’ll love knitting in a group with other keen knitters – it’s so much fun and inspiring sharing the experience…so don’t stay at home and knit alone, come and join the fun!
iKnit meets in Lyall Bay, Wellington (see Contact tab for more details)

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