knitting group in Wellington

Overall I’m very pleased with how Ming Blue worked out. I have oodles of yarn left and I’m considering picking up the lower edge and knitting a rib band to extend the length some. The buttons are perfect  in colour albeit a fraction smaller than the buttonholes but I can remedy that issue.

The fit is pretty much spot on, I love the little roll collar (I have a thing about roll/shawl collars – they’re a fave). My concerns with the yarn possibly being scratchy have turned out a non issue and I’m loving wearing Ming – it’s cosy.

My latest WIP acrylic knit for Ania. Never a fan of acrylic this yarn is surprisingly soft and a joy to knit – King Cole DK ‘Splash’.

The pattern – I’m knitting the largest size and I think it was the tassels that got to me! My LYS had a sample garment made up and it was very cute. I’m thinking this will be a useful addition to Ania’s summer wardrobe.

Karen’s FO frilly edged ankle socks….

and this pair worked with an eyelet stitch.

Lyndsay’s picot edged matinee jacket. Picot edging changes plain and simple stst to a classy little number.

Karen’s WIP neck warmer/shawl in multi.

Lee worked on her 2 coloured scarf with pockets.

Cast on method came up this week and Raewyn told us she’s now a devotee of the thumb method. She says it’s a gives her knitting a much smoother more even edge.

Raewyn, Wendy and Simone continued with their long term projects, shawl, jersey and jacket respectively. Charlotte’s well under way with a Christmas pressie lacey scarf destined for the UK, will get a pic next time.

iKnit is…..

If you enjoy knitting on your own you’ll love knitting in a group with other keen knitters – it’s so much fun and inspiring sharing the experience…so don’t stay at home and knit alone, come and join the fun!

iKnit meets in Lyall Bay, Wellington (see Contact tab for more details)



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