almost enough of nupps

Over the last week NZ has experienced weather bombs and a weather mass the size of OZ sweep the country, bringing snow dumps, flooding, and gales.  Wellington has escaped unscathed and today we enjoyed a  beautiful spring day. It was the strangest thing watching the weather report tonight – hard to believe I’m living  in the same country with so much mayhem happening everywhere else. Anyway, this is not a weather blog so moving right along……

oooh ah…I just had to include a pic of my new grandbaby Raziel (Raz for short). He’s the cutest grandson ever and at 2 weeks is fitting perfectly into his cable cardy.  His dear little socks were made by Wendy.

Lindsay is continuing to tirelessly work on her shawl. Tonight she told us she’s now got over 1000 stitches on the needle. Each row is rather slow especially now she working nupps (small bobbles). Every 24 sts a nupp is worked on a 24 row pattern. At least every alternate row is knit!

Lee crocheted this quick project, last weekend. She found the pattern on Ravelry, very effective use of colour, great design.

Karen  brought her FO lovely scarf/wrap/shawl to show us tonight.

Amazingly, the colourway is all in the one ball of yarn, Noro I think. Very fem.

Wendy, Simone, Karen and myself are all in various stages of our WIP jacket, jerseys, and socks. I’m hoping to polish off my sleeves before the weekend. I’ve slowed down a bit, pausing to whip up some summer dresses for Ania. It’s been ages  since the Bernina has had the cover off and I’ve really enjoyed getting back into sewing.

iKnit is…..

If you enjoy knitting on your own you’ll love knitting in a group with other keen knitters – it’s so much fun and inspiring sharing the experience…so don’t stay at home and knit alone, come and check us out! (see Contact tab for details) 🙂


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