Janet’s golliwog

My friend Janet isn’t part of  the iKnit crew, she is however a keen life-long knitter and I think her Golly story worth sharing. Janet recently completed this charming golliwog started by her mother some years ago. The pattern was long gone and the hair and face in particular had to be finished ‘blind’. Figuring out Golly’s hair was proving to be a nightmare. I remembered knitting golly’s as a child and had a few ancient golly patterns stowed away in an old suitcase. Because the head was already made up, Janet needed a pattern that added the hair afterward, most patterns knit the hair before cast off. In the end the hair pattern that worked on Janet’s golly had been designed for a rag doll.  As the pic shows it worked out beautifully, as did the features.

Not to be mistaken for a doily, this is the center of Raewyn’s new circular shawl project – yarn by The Unique Sheep.

Rich in texture – the finished back of Wendy’s jersey. This yarn by Skeinz has beautiful handle and is very reasonably priced  for a merino/possum/alpaca mix.

Raewyn FO booties to go with the baby’s beanie made some weeks ago.

Raewyn did a demo on how she makes the twisted ties she threads through eyelets on booties and the like. Group consensus was this method results in a neater and more attractive option that crocheted ties.

This week I continued on with Ming Blue and Simone worked a sock swatch.  She has a fabulous sock book filled with very tempting projects. With a mile high stack of patterns enough to knit through another lifetime, I’m staying out of trouble by not even going there.  Due to measurement misjudgments to the her first design, Lee is reworking her snood and keeping her needles crossed she’s on the right track this time round.

iKnit is…..

If you enjoy knitting on your own you’ll love knitting in a group with other keen knitters – it’s so much fun and inspiring sharing the experience…so don’t stay at home and knit alone, come and check us out! (see Contact tab for details) 🙂


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