Sublime 614 – my Old Rose Mannequin

Sublime 614 – Mannequin

I loved and ‘lived’ in my first Mannequin so much I made another. This one knit in my fave merino/possum Old Rose colour from The Wool Company.

I received a lovely email today via Ravelry from a fellow knitter in Canada who found my first vest on Rav and ‘just had to have the pattern’, like me a year ago – funny how patterns possess you like that. She’s on her way to her LYS, an hour from where she lives, to source some yarn.  This garment is really useful and so snugly in the cooler weather.

This week we welcomed Lee to the group. Feeling the need for some serious dedicated knitting time she worked on her WIP baby blanket. Each square is knit in one piece – mitered across the diagonal for effect. Picking up stitches of an adjoining square’s edge to begin the next square, eliminates having to sew all the squares together at the end – clever! Lee’s made several of these brightly coloured blankets and also taught her grandmother how to make them. A great way to use up leftover yarn.

Karen’s Bus Stop neck warmer – fastened with a button at the back of the neck.

Karen’s frilly edged sock #1 for Ashlee.

Another FO by Karen – Patons 4 ply Patonyle

This week Raewyn worked on bootees to match the cute leaf edge baby’s hat she made a few weeks back.

Wendy concentrated on her textured jersey, the mystery Skeinz yarn  is knitting up fabulously.

Hanging in there with her shawl project, Lyndsay’s improvising and adding in extra lace sections.

iKnit is…..

If you enjoy knitting on your own you’ll love knitting in a group with other keen knitters – it’s so much fun and inspiring sharing the experience…so don’t stay at home and knit alone, come and check us out! (see Contact tab for details) 🙂


One thought on “Sublime 614 – my Old Rose Mannequin

  1. Well Michele!! I have findally ordered the book but the yarn eludes me. I have a friend in NZ (Christchurch actually) who has given me a link to The Wool Company online and I guess the ship internationally. The skeins have more possum (30% is awesome) and they have more yardage as well (100 grams each) but the price converting NZ Eur to Canadian is wildly expensive for a vest! Sigh I will find a way, eventually. I HAVE to knit this!!

    Thank you again for all our yelp, you’ve been wonderful!
    Happy Knitting!

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