Horizontal cables

Well, the cables aren’t really knit horizontally but the garment side to side, giving the illusion of horizontal cables. My Sublime Mannequin Vest #2 – and I’m feeling rather pleased with myself about how it’s coming along. I’m up to the armbands now and expecting to be all done in the next week. The merino/possum yarn from The Wool Company is such a pleasure to knit with – I highly recommend this yarn.

You may remember I made this Sirdar bobbly cable jacket  pattern for Ania last January. I purchased enough of  my merino/possum vest yarn to knit Ania another jacket, for next winter. Well, that’s the plan at least, if I’m left with 2 balls I’ll be good to go.

Raewyn’s lovely red short sleeve top is starting to take shape. A few beads are sprinkled amongst the open work around the neckline adding some sparkle.

I found this cool pattern on the net last week and thought it would do nicely for my Ming Blue project. I’ll have to adapt it slightly as the pattern uses a thicker ply than DK. Hopefully I can make it work.

I thought I’d try some yarn from Skeinz located in Napier, NZ. Wendy has purchased lots of yarn off these guys with great results. It’s not the colour I was expecting but well priced so it’s worth a punt. 70% merino/15%possum/15% alpaca and nice and soft.

This week Wendy continued on her textured jersey and Lyndsay’s back on her shawl.


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