iKnit ruffles and lace

A Little Ruffle (pattern adapted) – done!

Love, love love it! The couple of adaptations I made were adding on twice as many stitches to the ruffle increase and a picot stitch to the ruffle cast off edge.

No doubt about it this is definitely a very feminine girlie scarf. I’m going to knit another and adapt the pattern further. Next time I’ll shorten the overall length, possibly change the stocking stitch, and maybe work with DK.  My biggest woe is sourcing a merino/possum multi colour 4 ply in berry colour – scarce as hens’ teeth.

Lyndsay’s FO ruffle Baktus.

Lyndsay loves her Baktus so much she’s started another one, this time she’s making a lacey Baktus, and adding a ruffle, of course 🙂

Raewyn’s FO lacey wrap/stole.

Bingo! Got the colour setting right this week.

Getting up close and personal with some of the intricate bead work.

Wendy’s almost FO gem.

Booties are a useful way to use up left over yarn.

Raewyn’s next project is a gift shawl using this lovely mix of colours, again she’s using yarn from The Unique Sheep. Her colour choice is a custom order specially dyed, inspired by a favourite rose.

Raewyn’s ‘little project’ – gauntlets – while she waited for the new yarn to arrive.

Raewyn’s next spinning project

Looking suspiciously like the contents of a vacuum cleaner bag or sweepings from the hair salon floor, this matted ball is actually alpaca hair. Kobe knew there was something ferrell in Raewyn’s bag and definitely had to check ‘it’ out.

Simone continued working on her baby’s jacket and Karen on another Baktus, a masculine version this time : pics next week.


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