a Pimpelliese…but nothing to do with acne

This week @ iKnit….

Karen worked a lace panel into her latest sock.

Wendy’s matinée jacket is coming together, she has enough wool to work the whole layette and is still making up her mind about that.

Karen worked on a baby singlet this week – 2 ply merino silk, newborn size. This rib pattern is knit in one piece, front to back, going over the shoulder.

Raewyn’s almost at the end of her WIP lace stole. I would love that everyone could see it for real, it’s simply glorious. Unfortunately this pic has washed out the colours which are really vibrant and intense.

Another fail in the pic department this week! I still had to post it though cos it’s very cool – these hanks  were recently spun by Raewyn.

Simone’s WIP matinée jacket worked in feather & fan stitch is really taking shape now, she’s almost up to the main body of the piece.

a ‘Pimpelliese’

I continued working my Little Ruffle and hope to have it done over the next week.  Now I’m in neck accessory mode I’m temped to make a ‘Pimpelliese’ – a small triangle scarf-like shawl also started at the tip. The lace border is worked together with the shawl and is not added afterwords. I found a lovely pattern worked in garter stitch…still thinking about it.

I had to include this pic this Post – the cutest toddler hat! Made by Kate, and of course on the cutest toddler, Ania :). Kate adapted a pattern from Sirdar book: Early Arrivals No.2

An easy picot edge worked around the brim and contrasting stripes makes this hat particularly adorable and add real pizazz.

Everyone’s fave – Shaun the sheep knitting


2 thoughts on “a Pimpelliese…but nothing to do with acne

  1. Please can you tell me – Do you know if there is a Shaun The Sheep Knitting ornament that is available to buy, like the one on your website?

    Many Thanks

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