Post is late this week, a big weekend for me with a Capital/Auckland Mosaic gathering based from our place – heaps of people, cooking, food, stories, laughing, comings-and goings, and Originals event – all in all very full on and loved every minute.

iKnit is….

an open informal friendly group getting together to knit with like minded people who enjoy knitting –  we share ideas, knitting know-how, show off finished projects, as well as enjoy good company and a cuppa – in short, we share our love and passion of knitting.

If you enjoy knitting on your own you’ll love knitting in a group with other keen knitters – it’s so much fun and inspiring sharing the experience….so don’t stay at home and knit alone, come and check us out! (see Contact tab for details)

@ iKnit last week….

Pic as promised….Benji the model…sporting his new puppy jumper made by Wendy.

Wendy got the size right this time. Benji loves his jumper so much he dresses himself in it every morning….gotcha….no, he really shivers without it though and loves wearing it.

Wendy’s latest WIP – this is going to be a beauty. She bought 10 balls on sale and has enough to do the entire layette. (Patons book 1283, refer previous Post)

Karen has cast on for another tunic same as the pink just completed.

At her daughters request no less, no better compliment I say. For pattern and pink version refer previous Post/s.

Raewyn’s lacey stole, growing by the second, sprinkled with zillions of beads.

Totally missed the boat on this pic of Lyndsay’s mitt. Chose the wrong camera setting and the colour went haywire.

My new little 4ply WIP is progressing…although due to poor concentration discovered after completing the back I had misread the pattern and done a different stitch than stipulated…grrh! I’ve done a 4×1 rib instead of 4×1 rib/alternate rows knit. O well, my bad, thankfully looks great all the same. A pity though cos I really like the specified pattern, next time. (Sirdar 280 Early Arrivals – gorgeous patterns)


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