World Wide Knit in Public Day 2010

WWKiP Day is an international event celebrated by knitters all over the world 2010 – from June 12 to 20, the actual day picked is what works best for each knitting community. In Wellington there are at least a couple of  groups getting together – Knit World Studio and Victoria Street Cafe, and in Christchurch the knitting community do it big time – check them out.

Simone’s beanie – Patons book 1218 has a shaped crown working 4 separate peaks, looking a bit like a Christmas cracker party hat/crown. When sewn up it worked out fine, although Simone said she wouldn’t shape a crown this way again – next time she’ll use the slip stitch/psso method.

My next (2nd) grandbaby is due in August, mid winter in NZ, so I thought a singlet would be welcome.  I’m using a favourite yarn from The Wool CompanyUtiku 100% Merino Baby Knitting Yarn – 3 ply,  colour Sky. The 100g balls knit forever and are deliciously soft. We don’t know if the new arrival will be a boy or not, but if it is this will keep him cosy.

I bought the singlet pattern I’m knitting from Thimbles & Threads craft shop in Upper Hutt last weekend. Wendy and I went out to have a squiz as they had a 30%-off-everything-sale. Shepherd Nostalgic Recollection patterns are hard to come by, I think Shepherd may have stopped publishing them. I like them for the exquisite designs using 2 ply & 3 ply yarns which I love knitting.

Getting started on the baby’s singlet (followed by a few other goodies for the new arrival) means Ming Blue is on the back burner. The yarn is not as soft as I’d liked so I likely won’t use it again, I’ve been spoilt using mainly merino.

One of Simone’s WIP’s – lacey scarf kit.

The other WIP Simone has on the go. The jacket, Patons book 1260, was started a couple of years ago and has been languishing, waiting to be finished off. This is the year, Simone has completed over half already and she’ll get to wear it this winter.

How cool is this self patterning yarn, clever as and so effective. This is a section of Kirsty’s throw which will be made up of different textured and patterned yarns.

Another sock done – Karen’s work of course, for her man.

We noticed the pattern Karen is using has the socks knitted with the yarn colourway starting in different places (see socks on the left of pic). We thought it rather odd but guess if you’re short on yarn you don’t have  a choice, you just cast on for the next sock wherever the yarn colour pattern is and keep going.

Lyndsay’s lovely lace circular shawl is really starting to take shape. With a long way to go yet the emerging pattern is visible.

Raewyn worked on her top this week. She’s a bit concerned about the shape of the neck but it’s early days yet and not easy to tell if it will work out okay. Once again, the addition of bead work makes the ordinary into extraordinary.

Wendy started on her new project this week – a baby’s cardy. The pure wool yarn she bought on sale at the super low price of $3 a ball is awesome. Don’t you just love a bargain!

The design Wendy’s knitting – from Patons book 1283, all patterns are 4 ply. If you want to check out the other gorgeous designs you can see them at The Yarn Queen.

Wendy has some very cute pics of Benji sporting his new puppy jumper, I’ll post them when I get them.

iKnit is an open informal friendly group getting together to knit with like minded people who enjoy knitting –  we share ideas, knitting know-how, show off finished projects, as well as enjoy good conversation and a cuppa – in short, we share our love and passion of knitting.

If you enjoy knitting on your own you’ll love knitting in a group with other keen knitters – it’s so much fun and inspiring sharing the experience….so don’t stay at home and knit alone, come and check us out 🙂  (see contact tab for details)


One thought on “World Wide Knit in Public Day 2010

  1. Would love to see some of the iknit-ters at Victoria St Cafe next Sunday – I have had some really generous donations from The Yarn Queen, Knitsch Yarns, The Yarn Studio at Nancy’s and Annabelle’s Collections so I need people to give the things away to!

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