Knitting Pretty

After talking about visiting Knitting Pretty at iKnit on Tuesday, we made a snap decision to go as a group on a field trip visit to have a look. A couple of us had been before but the rest of us wanted to go and check out the goodies.

It’s always fun going to a different yarn outlet to have a look – Simone came well prepared with a shopping list, particularly on the hunt for sock yarn. Bringing her shoes with her made the job of matching and choosing colours easier than relying on just guess work.

The wool she chose for her red Mary Janes was awesome – the multi coloured yarn will be really funky in the lacey pattern. In the end I don’t remember the final choice for the two-tone brown shoes. It was fun and we all put in our 2 bob’s worth.  Lunch and coffee followed and someone suggested further occasional field trips to other yarn shops – a great idea, we’re into that!

Karen’s FO tunic for her daughter, pretty in pink.

The pattern called for Vero 12 ply, however pink was the definite choice made by the 6 year old  recipient who knows what she likes – Karen had to use an alternative yarn brand.

The Naturally 12 ply pattern Karen based her project on. It’s cool letting children choose their own colours, even very young ones like 18mth Ania seems to know her likes and dislikes – they definitely have preferences.

Last week Raewyn paid a visit to Dunkley’s Craft Show and picked up some yarn to add to her stash.

The Unique Sheep’s latest mystery shawl further evolving, crafted by Raewyn….glorious colours, my pics do not do this beauty justice. Check out their website for truer colour likeness. Raewyn’s knitting her shawl in Peacock and adding millions of beads to add even more zoosh.

Using her arm as Benji’s back, Wendy demonstrated how the dog coat she is knitting will look on her pooch. We’ve been promised a pic on the real Benji when it’s done 🙂

Lindsay worked away on her WIP shawl, and me on my ming blue lacey jacket – I’ve almost finished the back.

I’ve spent oodles of time mulling over the gradiance colours on Unique Sheep this week, trying to decide what to pick for my scarf/wrap. This is hard work, I love them all! Then while browsing on Ravelry I discovered Wollmeise sock yarn and found even more colours to blow my mind…oh what to do….

….Don’t stay at home and knit alone…..if you want to meet up with a friendly knitting group in Lyall Bay, Wellington,  check out my Contact tab for details and come along… knitters are always welcome 🙂


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