The benefits of knitting

I love my knitting group and look forward to Tuesday’s @7 rolling around every week.  I never get over the excitement and joy that comes with sharing the journey with such a talented group of  lovely people, very cool, I am blessed. The knitting is a constant while the topics of good conversation encompass all in sundry, and we always have a laugh about something.

Kirsty’s reknit scarf in progress – the cast on yarn feels like velour

The Benefits of Knitting… if you needed convincing

(words found while surfing)

  • It has a calming effect – helps relieve stress! It feels good to work with beautiful yarn colours and textures!
  • It is a social activity to share with others
  • Knitting is “portable” – take it anywhere!
  • Gifts “you make yourself” for family and friends
  • Provides a sense of accomplishment when you complete a project
  • Create all manner of garments
  • Cost-effective hobby
  • Keep the fingers limber
  • Adds balance to a high-tech, fast-paced, stressful lifestyle
  • Maximizes your time while you watch TV, travel, sports events, etc
  • Carry on a family tradition
  • Express yourself—design an original garment and accessories

Raewyn’s WIP shawl is spectacular!

Can you believe your eyes? Look how many beads are already worked into the pattern, takes my breath away! Remember those competitions when you were a kid – the ones that had a huge jar filled with jellybeans and you had to guess how many to win the prize. Well, I’m thinking that iKnit should have a guess how-many-beads-in-the-shawl competition….and the prize will be….

Wendy’s FO, well her sister’s, kind of. Wendy finished what her sister started a couple of years ago – Naturally Tussock 10 ply. This will be a great weekend knock around jersey and right on time – winter in NZ has arrived – floods, snow and bitter temperatures (winter officially starts June, mother nature always has her way).

Wendy’s current WIP is a puppy jumper for her own dear dog Benji. (Kobe, don’t even think about it!). Using the SPCA puppy jumper pattern and knitting it in deep blue, this will be Benji’s  second jumper.  Here’s an opportunity to share the love – if you’re ever stuck on what/who to knit for, consider knitting a homeless puppy a jumper.

My Fair Isle yoke cardigan is finished….yay !! I really like it and have fair isle out of my system now (until next time). I’m very glad I knitted it in 4 ply. I love fine work and it’s a pleasure to wear. The only low light for me was the  stst, boring. I can feel a bout of textured patterns coming on….

Lyndsay’s elbow improved enough to enable her to pick up her pins. Doesn’t look much at this stage but her denim coloured shawl is starting to take shape.

My new baby 🙂 Ming Blue, Utiku 8ply 100% perendale from The Wool Company. This lace rib wrap jacket has no bands, easy as. After looking at heaps of patterns this was the only one that really satisfied my desire for a high neck oversized collar – Patons book 1252.  Texture here we come!

Simone cast off her man’s beanie tonight. Hopefully will have a pic next week, this particular design involves quite a bit of sewing up. Sort of a crown like crown design…what? You’ll get it when you see it. For Simone’s next project she’s going on her first ever lace knitting journey.

….Don’t stay at home and knit alone…..if you want to meet up with a friendly knitting group in Lyall Bay, Wellington,  check out my Contact tab for details and come along… knitters are always welcome 🙂


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