Scarfy the chunky cabled scarf

My latest love….Scarfy, as affectionately called by Sheshe – Director and Designer of her very own brandnew fashion label Mardle. New love is sometimes fleeting though, and in this case, well it’s over for me as Scarfy is claimed by his new mistress. I was the hired hand to bring this hefty number to life….and as it is  with the chain of creation there was a link before me…that being the pattern, designed by Drops of Garnstudio.

Drops scarf 104-42Sheshe, the next link in the chain has marvelous plans for Scarfy – you’ll have to check her site to see what happens as she takes Scarfy to the experimental stage. All I know is she mentioned something about adding fabric and Scarfy’s final destination being in her winter Menswear collection.

If you follow my blog you’ll have noticed that I missed a Post last week. The blame for that lies fair and square with my computer – our household had SERIOUS issues last week with cyberspace…..all sorted now (I hope).

Those who are fans of Raewyn’s lace and shawl knitting will be pleased to know she’s started another mystery shawl journey. Raewyn put off opening her much awaited parcel of yarn so she could indulge all of us at iKnit with the grand opening. It was magic, gorgeous colours happening here and the beads…ooh la la…..

……if you know NZ paua colours well this is the story here, iridescent layers of blues and greens with hints of pink that simply take your breath away.

Everyone looked over Raewyn’s shoulder as she worked the swatch, throwing in the beads just to see what was in store.  Join in the journey, Ill keep you posted.

2nd week on Raewyn’s mystery shawl….looking fabulous !!

This sweet as pie beanie for a baby in 4 ply, Raewyn’s latest FO.

Kirsty ripping it up. Fabulous yarn in the process of evolution into probably another take on a scarf. At times frustrating and sometimes it feels pointless, in the end ripping it up is the best thing to do and start over.

The dark pink garter stitch is an effective touch to the single rib band in pale pink. Crafted in DK Karen is making a tunic for her daughter.

Having a break from her mystery shawl, Raewyn began work on a top for herself using a bamboo cotton yarn.

Not known for ever stopping knitting socks, Karen is also forging ahead on another pair of socks for her man. The salt and pepper colour blend is very fetching.

Lyndsay is back on her quilt block this week to allow her Tennis Elbow some respite. No tennis involved here just the clacking of pins.

If you’re wondering what Wendy’s been up to there’ll probably be a pic of her FO next time – there’s been a lot of sewing up going on.

My fair isle cardy is finished….yay!!! I’ve just got the buttons to sew on and it’s done so I’ll post a pic next time. Now I’m tossing up what to do next…the ming or the possum…….

….Don’t stay at home and knit alone…..if you want to meet up with a friendly knitting group in Lyall Bay, Wellington,  check out my Contact tab for details and come along… knitters are always welcome 🙂


One thought on “Scarfy the chunky cabled scarf

  1. Hey Michelle

    Just wanted to leave a note saying that I enjoy checking your blog, and thanks for the online wool shop tips – just about to place an order for some utiku yarn to knit a sweater for Fynn.

    Happy knitting.


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