Operation Cover up

We were all treated to meet Karen’s lovely Mum, Sylvia this week. Up from the Main Land for a visit and a longtime knitter she came along with Karen. Sylvia worked on a blanket probably destined for a Romanian orphanage. A New Zealand group called Operation Cover Up, each year organises blankets, mittens, scarves, hats and jerseys to send eastern Europe. If you’re a knitter looking for someone to knit for you may like to consider this worthy cause.

Not a mangled tangle, Karen’s WIP – undeniably socks.

Fresh off the needles, Kirsty made these little cuties last week. My fave is Green with Fluffy Trim.

No surprises here – sock by Karen.

Yarn skeined by Lyndsay using Karen’s umbrella swift. If I hadn’t cropped the label off the photo you’d know what the yarn is – oops!

This week’s competition – guess what, by whom? (NB: no prizes for guessing – kcos yb neraK)

‘It’s in the bag’ by Wendy. Doing a good deed, Wendy is finishing off a fallen-by-the-wayside-WIP started by her sister, in Naturally Tussock.

Quilt block đŸ™‚ beautiful. Lyndsay continues to work on this lovely piece which with 15 other blocks will be made into a bed quilt for herself. (We’ve been assured by Lyndsay she’ll be picking up her needles soon so not to worry).

I’ve got sleeve 1 down and onto number 2. I’m starting to see the end in site now i.e. starting the yoke ….this is when the ‘I hope I’m going to like it when it’s finished’ sets in. You know, you really set your heart  on making a particular garment (sometimes to the point of obsession) and then occasionally, after putting in heaps of love, it doesn’t turn out quite how you thought. Oh, well that’s knitting and why I love it!


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