Funky Tea Cosy…

…and oodles of FO’s galore…

Funky Tea Cosy crafted by Lyndsay

The dreadlock spirals are the crowning glory – so fun 🙂

This is a really cool tea cosy and far too nice to be put to use. Teapot dribble stains never come out.

Christmas tree decorations crafted by Simone

Simone is intending to add to her delightful miniature stockings next Christmas and build up a collection. Imagine how snazzy these would be in sizes made to wear.

Child’s cardy/jacket crafted by Wendy

All the group want this gorgeous garment! What makes it so totally appealing?  The combination of colour choice, mixing solid with multi, moss stitch collar and bands, gathered effect skirt, designer buttons – and a faultless pattern design.

If you look back a few Posts you can see how Wendy interpreted the pattern to really make it her own and stamp her mark on it. Everyone agreed that to add the suggested blanket stitch edging would be a mistake.

The raspberry colour (berry colours in general are apparently hot this season) will look stunning on the little blonde girl for whom this is made. Wendy has good reason feeling torn in letting it go, she’ll most likely make another one sometime though.

Socks crafted by Karen

These socks are great. The colour may not be to everyone’s liking but it really appeals to me. Karen made a superb job of these, a gift for her friend. They are a firm knit which is a good start for socks. Lucky friend I say!

Scarf of the falling snow

If you’ve been following my blog, you’ll know Karen has a definite leaning to self striping, fair isle yarns like Opal et al. It’s really amazing how these yarns knit up in designs that appear like magic, no ball changes or yarn ends to contend with either. I’m a bit of a stickler though and still devoted to the challenge of old school fair isle.

Scarf crafted by Karen

The umbrella swift returned with Karen this week, Simone and I both taking it for a spin. I balled 2 hanks of my recently purchased Ming Blue, so much easier than hand holding.

Don’t be fooled  – hand skeining is hard work particularly with large hanks. But don’t you love the pic, so ‘when my mother was a little girl’.

We didn’t mind a bit that Lindsay had a knitting hiatus this week, instead she worked on this lovely applique.

Using up left over yarn from the scarf, yes, Karen’s knitting these beauties.

Kirsty came to terms with stocking stitch tonight, working on her baby beanie but it was all good. I’m continuing my sleeves, well sleeve singular actually, still on the first one  – it’s a process.

The group was abuzz tonight as we did a reveal on so many lovely items. We had a ball, so much fun! If you’re reading this, live in the locale and want a bit of the action, have a squiz at the Contact page for details about how to join the group – newcomers are always welcome 🙂


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