Ming Blue of Utiku

I love waiting for a parcel to arrive in the mail, rushing out to check the box hoping this will be the day.  My order from The Wool Company arrived this week – Utiku 8ply –  Ming Blue 100% Pure Wool. A semi worsted double knitting yarn spun from carefully selected fleeces, to create a very soft yet hard-wearing yarn. I was not disappointed –  colour : blue blinding beautiful!

Karen unequivocally admitted she’s sold on socks, they’re her absolute fave knit. This WIP is for a friend (one of Karen’s several WIP’s, all socks).

Moss is a much underrated stitch. The bands and collar of Wendy’s WIP are in moss and I can imagine no other more attractive stitch to finish off this lovely garment. I think moss should be used more, it simply looks great. It particularly suits collars as when mossed they seem to sit better.

Shaun the Sheep

Lyndsay is working away on her cosy dreads, knitted as spirals they’re looking effective. Because I didn’t take a pic you’ll have to hold your breath until next time.

My sleeves are s-l-o-w-l-y growing….oh the pain…you understand how it is, new yarn arrives, current WIP is boring you to indifference, compelled to make good on yesterdays longing determine to push through the temporary lag of tedium…..knitting-in-the-round….it’s just plain knit all round and round and round. There’s those who’d say this is all phooey and I should just get on with it.

So I am.


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