Merino – ewe and ram….I love you

I’ve started the sleeves, now the job in hand is to knit two tubes. If you hate seams in hand knits or sewing up, then knitting-in-the-round is for you.

The wide 12cm band is actually rather nice. After ribbing 2cms you work a decrease row reducing each rib to P2 K2 from the P3 K2 beginning. This is the second time I’ve come across this method with a Drops Design pattern. Last time the garment turned out beautifully.

This pic of Raewyn’s lace shawl shows the detailing of the bead work, this is truly a labour of love.

Raewyn’s shawl is growing.

One of the two traveling scarves Raewyn brought along tonight. The originator requested pinks and browns. Nice.

One knitter gave a gift of stitch markers with her swatch.

hmm…and the other travelling scarf….the consensus of the group was that this scarf didn’t quite hit the mark. The colour combination doesn’t really work and the tension variations of the swatches has made a very narrow scarf. It’s up to Raewyn to add a redeeming feature.Autumn is upon us and Simone is preparing for winter – a beanie in the making.

This drop-dead-gorgeous cardy is featured on the front cover of a new release Patons book. It’s a  chunky wool hungry design though, knits up 18 balls in the smallest size!

Wendy didn’t quite finish her WIP, she thinks the bands will be done by next week. I’ll post a pic next time.


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