happy to be knitting…happy sheep

This sheep always makes me smile 🙂

Raeywn’s hat, done and a nice fit after all! We all agreed we have a preference for designs with crown shaping.

The designer tea cosy is almost there. Lyndsay explained how she’ll do the ‘dreadlocks’ and possibly a decorative edging…watch this space, it’ll be awesome!

Another shawl is on the make. Raewyn’s crafting this one in 2 ply with lots of beads worked in…..it looked a very fiddly business and I think requires the tongue to be held just right as you work.

The bands are well underway and quite possibly Wendy will bring the jacket finished, next week. The raspberry yarn I’m hanging out to buy isn’t in stock yet and it looks like I’ll have to wait until April. I keep checking The Wool Company website but it ain’t happening yet.

I haven’t taken any pics of my WIP again this week, although I have just finished the main body piece and now I’m starting the sleeves.

A real surprise greeted me this week on Ravelry. I found a message from the administrator asking permission to use Ania’s multi jacket pic to showcase the pattern (Sirdar). I was rapt. How cool is that…very cool I say!


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