Autumn knitting

With iKnit meeting up again last week after a 10 week break, I realised how much I missed spending time knitting with my keen knitter friends.

This delightful baby’s cardy was made and given away by Alice over the  break, so unfortunately we didn’t get to see it.

Back view. I like the effect of the yarn, making the garment two-tone is a nice touch.

Lyndsay was back this week and had another lovely lace mohair scarf to present to us. Following on from Raewyn’s shawl last week this FO is another enticement for me to make a shawl/scarf this year.

Fingerless mitts, also by Lyndsay. There were some glitches with the Noro yarn but luckily the retailer could source another ball.

Alice using up leftover yarn from her previous project.

Alice’s yarn.

Raewyn started on a hat for herself with yarn spun by herself (see last weeks post). Concerns with head measurements and if the hat would fit or not made for interesting banter and various heads measured for comparisons, allaying Raewyn’s head size concerns.

Wendy continued with her little girls jacket in raspberry & multi. Kirsty began a new project tonight, a baby’s hat – BTW Kirsty – great to have you back 🙂 ‘Red’, my eventually-to-be-fairisle cardy is growing albeit slowly, I’m managing to do only a few rows here and there. I’m pleased with how it’s looking so far, I think the band size is not out-of-place after all, and I’m very happy with the colour – red.


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