multi colour jacket is a winner

I am so proud of my darling grandbaby Ania…..and the multi coloured jacket I made for her last month is proving a real hit. I’m sure it’s because it’s crafted in multi.

On our recent family camping holiday one of the highlights everyday was an early morning 5k walk. The jacket was perfect to ward off the early morning chill for a backpacking toddler.

Every morning Ania would choose the jacket for the outing. It was a relief knowing she would be nice and toasty as we strode along.

Our walk would always end with us enjoying a coffee at a local cafe….the home made Neenish tarts were delish.

We often got comments from people admiring Ania’s jacket, and asking where we got it from. Accolades for ones knitting don’t come much better than that……except from observing Ania herself, the sweetest little 1-year-old, intentionally choosing to wear it herself …..priceless 🙂

Needless to say, Ania herself turned heads wherever she went, she is so gorgeous (any detection of bias here is completely intentional!)

hmm……I’m tempted to take orders……I’ve already decided to make Ania a possum / merino version in ‘lipstick’ by The Wool Company, i.e. raspberry, in the next size up.

iKnit is back next week…..same place…same time…..I’m really looking forward to meeting up with everyone….see you then !


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