ooohhh yumm :) i’m in love with multi colour

Inspired by the beginnings of a New Year and some long-awaited R & R my creative juices got working on changing my blog header. Net browsing and searching for yarn/knitting images felt like an ever-expanding universe to be endured (with pleasure) in pursuit of the right pic. Like a kid in a lolly shop – which one to choose! Never a time waster though when there’s a purpose to it and I had a good idea what I was looking for. With my search approaching obsession I found exactly the pic I had in mind (hope you like it too 😀 ) . Phew, it was good to surface and get outdoors again!

I’ve become captivated by multi coloured yarn over the last few months. I particularly have a leaning towards the rich and vibrant colour mixes and many of the combinations I’ve stumbled on are simply stunning. By the end of last year almost all of us at iKnit were knitting in variegated/multi yarns. There seems to be so much on offer nowadays in a variety of yarn weights and textures, maybe that’s why its come into favour again.

So when it came to revamping my blog header, there was no competition in the decision to use a multi colour yarn background.

One of the cool things about being in a knitting group is the sharing of insights, ideas and information. I discovered new online sites like The Unique Sheep (hand painted yarn), Vintage Purls, Touch Yarns, Grrrl Shaped Yarns and the many stores listed on Ravelry, to name just a few.

Needless to say with my current focus on multi colours that’s mainly where I’ll be camped for a good part of this year. A cute little toddler’s jersey on display in my LYS caught my eye some weeks ago. (I’m really rapt this LYS finally went online with their wool shop  – well worth a peek).

I  succumbed yesterday and picked up the yarn (Shepherd 4 Colour Me, DK, shade 4971) to knit this cute little number for Ania (Snuggly 1780).

With her fair complexion, goldilocks and blue eyes she’ll look gorgeous in the muted colour mix of yellow, orange, green and blue. I’m hoping the cables and texture of the pattern will knit a more random look than colour blocks which I want to avoid. I’ll start with one ball anyway and if it blocks I’ll bring in another ball and alternate between the two.

At the mo I’m knitting the sleeves of my WIP green jersey for Ania and naturally, now I’ve got my next project sorted, I’m keen to get it finished!

Kate was around the other day and brought her last FO with her, nice one. She’s pretty much got tension sorted which is awesome considering she’s so new to knitting.

iKnit will start meeting again second half of February. We had good times last year and if you’re reading this, local and on the lookout for a friendly, welcoming bunch to knit with come along and check us out. Most of us who came last year were strangers to each other at the beginning and quickly became friends. Have a squiz on my contact page for meeting particulars 🙂


2 thoughts on “ooohhh yumm :) i’m in love with multi colour

  1. I know! I think almost everything in my stash is variegated / multicolored (you can see it on Ravelry, I’m “Wittyusername”). But I’m not really drawn to anything else. My new favorite yarn is Poems. Washable, feels good while knitting, and great colors.

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