iKnit Christmas

Our last iKnit for the 2009 – despite the bubbles, amid good conversation, hilarity and a delish Christmas supper……….

………lots of knitting actually happened.

Christmas stocking – FO by Alice. Her WIP is completing a stocking for herself in time for Christmas.

The yarn used has an attractive velvety feel and look to it. At first glance it could be mistaken it for velvet and the fluffy, unevenly textured white yarn around the cuff is superb. Alice wasn’t sure what the yarn was – a scrap of something.

Ali’s WIP – knitting in blue for her latest customer. All her garments are crafted in the round.

Raewyn adding her section to this travelling scarf destined for the USA.

Karen’s WIP, a garment for her daughter.

I’m enjoying knitting my latest WIP and the 100% NZ merino yarn is a delight to work with and oh so soft.

This yarn has a very high twist which adds texture to the pattern when knitted and means it will not pill, is very durable, combined with an amazing soft quality to boot.

iKnit meets will resume in the New Year as we take a hiatus for the holiday season. I’ll be posting over the break………..so watch this space.


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