heard of sheep?

This week we met Ali. She’s taking her knitting to a whole other level by knitting to sell, specifically infants wear. I so admire her!

This gorgeous creation is destined for some lucky child. Launching her cottage industry only early November, Ali already has 3 orders – go Ali! Like most of iKnit, Ali has been knitting for a while and is a new fan of seamless knitting. Unfortunately, we’re not going to get to see Ali’s WIP finished because it’ll be sent straight to the customer before the next iKnit. Ali did promise some pics though.

Raewyn’s shawl is finished – beautiful! When you see a garment like this completed it screams out ‘make me’. So much knitting…….so little lifetime….

This is amazing – the pattern is interesting and I particularly love the edging.

Simone’s number 1 sock in Opal – number 2 is on the way.

Raewyn is now working on a neck warmer in the most delicious shades of blue, sooo Raewyn!

I can’t resist sharing with everyone a bargain I landed today. I only went browsing, promise, but one thing led to another and……..the next thing I knew I’ve left my local yarn shop with the above stuffed in my handbag. The yarn – 100% merino, NZ grown, in the most beguiling shade of green (destined for a now liquidated store and on sold to my LYS). So I took a punt – at $4.50 for a 50gm ball it can’t end in tears.

My WIP – a baby’s dress, maybe for Ania. I’m onto the sleeves now and think overall I rather like it.

As I’m using up leftovers from my stash this means discrepancies between the 2 yarns. Both 4 ply but from different yarn houses. The mint from The Wool Company is slightly thicker than the Shepherd 4 ply. That aside……sweet as….cute as….will be appropriate descriptions when done.

Brenda continued with her jacket, and Wendy’s labour of love – an aran hoodie by Peter Gregory (scroll down the link) for her friend’s toddler, is over halfway. In a couple of weeks iKnit will end our formal gatherings with a touch of Christmas revelry (not to be confused with Ravelry) – however in saying that, a few of us not leaving town for the hols may continue to meet. Knitting on the deck…..wine & cheese…hmmm.


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