smooching lambs….feel the love – I love wool

smooching lambs

Now I’m well into my current project – a toddlers dress – I rather like what’s being created. I’ve run out of the mint colour, which I expected would happen, and have picked up the pink again. I’m still rather ambivilant about the actual lace pattern on the skirt, however it’s an easy 16 row repeat pattern, all in one up to the bodice divide.


Well underway with another set of fingerless gloves, Lindsay is taking them to visit family in Oz later this week. That means we won’t see her at iKnit for a couple of weeks! We cooed over Lindsay’s lovely bamboo needles again tonight, they really are lovely to hold. It pays to buy quality, Wendy bought a pair for $1 and the tip splintered and began to split her yarn.


This is the promised tea cosy – under construction. Lindsay is sure it’ll be too small for her teapot so she was dreaming about lengthening the hem. A brainstorm later, she may dangle paua shell around the lower edge. The top knot is to have dreadlocks – awesome!


If you’re familiar with New Zealand paua shell, you’ll be able to see why Lindsay is heading in that direction for the lower border. The colours are dazzling.


I can totally imagine this skein making an excellent birds nest – of course it’s far too nice for that but it does remind me of our chirpy feathered friends.


Wendy’s hoodie is looking really fab. She’d been having second thoughts all week about the sizing issue but now I think she’s resolved to continue as planned. The others in the group tonight definitely agreed that the next size up would be too big. For a child to grow into a garment in a few months is one thing – but to have to wait, like 3 years…I don’t think so.


Simone’s second sock is growing. We encouraged her to unpick the toe of the first sock and knit a few more rows to make it fit, it’ll be really pretty painless to do.  There’s not a lot of knitting involved so I ‘m picking she’ll do it.


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