multi colour yarn & baby dresses


The leaf pattern combined with the multi coloured yarn of Raewyn’s shawl is striking, only the edge to complete now and it’s done.


After the shawl is washed and blocked it’ll look even more impressive.


The multi coloured yarn Wendy used for her latest FO’s is unintentionally similar to Raewyn’s shawl colour. Returned from her holiday, Wendy brought the booties and hat topped with a perfect pom pom for us to admire. There’s also a jersey that makes up this set.


The lace stitch panels makes this set so charming, changes something ordinary to special.


The Aran hoodie is Wendy’s latest WIP, for a friend’s 2-year-old son. This Peter Gregory pattern is gorgeous – all 3 items look attractive. I think it’s the white fleck yarn used for the jersey that makes this particular garment appeal so much to Brenda and I. Wendy has chosen a deeper multi shade this time and in DK. It’s going to be gorgeous if the band is anything to go by. Almost everyone in the group is knitting with multi/random colour yarn, no surprises here – it’s so effective.


Lindsay’s fingerless gloves – her latest FO.


We’re talking cosy as, attributed to the merino possum mix. Lindsay has promised to bring her decorative tea cosy to show us when it’s finished – we’ll hold her to it!


This is my latest WIP – a toddlers dress. I’m warming up to the colours – I’ve so much left over 3 & 4 ply yarn I decided to dive into my stash this time. With not enough of the mint shade I’m opting for 2 toned. If you’ve been following my blog you’ll remember I made a cardy in these colours reversed, pink the main and mint the trim last time. I wrote the 4 row pattern out on paper so I could take my knitting to work, the pattern book being too large to fit in my handbag.


This is the design I’m currently knitting.


I became obsessed recently with baby/child’s dresses and have picked up various patterns from Trade Me. This  is my favourite – note to self: knit it before you go off the boil.


I’m not quite sure what motivated my interest in the dress genre. Maybe because I’ve never made one before. Anyway, the idea appeals to me.


I tried to steer away from patterns with short sleeves and ribbons. This one came with another pattern I really wanted. I’m certain I won’t knit up half of them but it was fun bidding for them. Note the Mary Lou doll, I had one when I was a child. Mary Lou is a Kiwi classic and along with Buzzy Bee both are  still being made.


I feel like I have a good selection of dress patterns now so I’m off the hunt. I chose only 3 ply or 4 ply patterns …… now to get on and use up more stash!

Simone brought one completed sock to show us tonight and is onto the second one. Too small for herself, her Mum may be the winner here.

Alice couldn’t bring her FO cardy with her because her niece has taken it away on holiday. She promised to bring it next time but did show us some pics of  her niece wearing it – looks great! Now Alice is working on a Christmas stocking for her Man using an appropriate shade of Christmas red with white for the heel and toe. Karen finished her wash cloth and is working on completing a sock project. Brenda ran out of wool tonight and forgot to bring replacements, her WIP jacket is really starting to take shape now.

All in all everyone is flat tack, knitting this – finishing that – creating here – dreaming there ….. and we’re loving it!


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