leaping lambs- it’s Spring!

lambs leaping

I think the change from winter to Spring is my favourite time of year. Well, okay, I do love Spring to Summer too – really I’m a warm, sunny weather person. And how could you not be endeared to lambs like the two frolicking in the pic – they’re just rearing to go. I’m going to keep knitting over the warmer months and I’ve got heaps of projects lined up waiting their turn. For many years I put my needles away over summer and then went like the clappers come winter. Nowadays I keep going all year round.  We got talking about this at iKnit this week, seems some find it too warm and there are more recreational pursuits to be had, while others in the group keep knitting but work on less weightier projects.


With her love affair of sock knitting waning, Karen spent most of tonight working on this dishcloth in 12 ply cotton.

Lindsay continued on her fingerless gloves tonight which she put down for the week to start on a novelty  decorative tea cosy……and from her description we can’t wait to see it, sounds absolutely wonderful. Lindsay got all inspired after seeing tea cosy’s on display at an exhibition this week. This created some discussion amongst the group about the use of tea cosy’s these days. We wondered how long a pot was left brewing if it required a cover to keep the contents warm –  not a happy thought.


The carry case is absolutely gorgeous on its own………..


……..however the Knit Picks inside are nothing short of impressive and I can see why Raewyn didn’t have a chance!


Simone picked up some useful tips on sock knitting tonight, they are her first attempt and I think she has them in mind for an up-coming tramping adventure.


In case you’re wondering, Simone’s hands are perfectly proportioned to the rest of her – apologies Simone for the angle of the pic (by the way, I like your ring). I helped out and knit a couple of stitches and I’m rather taken with her bamboo needles, they feel fabulous in the hand. I had dismissed bamboo needles before actually trying them, but now I’m having second thoughts…….I’m feeling tempted to get a set for myself.


This is my latest FO. A Pram Coat (old school for a hoodie), knit in Carnival Effects DK. I have to say right now this project was not a pleasant crafting experience, I did not like this yarn. It confirmed my love of wool as my preferred fiber to work with. The garment looks good and will wash and wear well which are its redeeming features. I agree with Raewyn that there are nicer examples of 100% acrylic for sure – guess for $2.50 a ball you get what you pay for. For my knitting pleasure though, I’m a pure wool girl and totally sold on merino, preferably 2, 3, or 4 ply. Which do you prefer?


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