knitting group : fostering camaraderie, community, and the love of knitting


There’s something comforting and nourishing about sitting in a circle of knitters. It’s primal — working with your hands in a group of, in our case, women who are talking knitting — what project are you working on, what size are your needles/what are yours made of, what kind of yarn is that, and can you help me with this? It’s fun to see the amazing talent and the beautiful and complex things we can make. For centuries, women have sat together knitting and doing crafts, making beautiful and practical things. It’s good for the soul.


Simone modelling her cosy, chunky knit cable/rib scarf – her latest FO (finished object).


Possibly with inspiration from Karen (our sock knitter), Simone decided to get started on a pair for herself and cast on tonight. Simone’s knitting her socks in the ever popular Opal yarn . It seems there are 2 camps, using circular needles or 2 pointers. Simone’s using 2 pointer’s – both methods give excellent results.


Simone made the beanie for her flatmate.


Lindsay brought her FO from last week to show us the difference washing and blocking makes to the finished garment. The pattern really does come alive.



With its candy floss qualities, I can’t think of a more appropriate yarn than mohair for this project.


This cutie garment is my current WIP (work in progress) and I’m just loving getting back to knitting baby/childs wear again. Not to say I didn’t enjoy knitting adult garments over the winter months, but hey, kids stuff is just so cute…and quick! Believe it or not…this is the first time I’ve used acrylic yarn – a very different knitting experience to  working with wool. I’m not a believer though, I’m definitely a wool girl.


Brenda’s jacket is starting to take shape…well we get it. Knit in several sections, a very interesting project.


Fingerless gloves anyone? This version Lindsay is making of these ever popular hand warmers are no exception – knit on dainty bamboo 2 pointers, using a fine yarn (possum/merino no-less), in a heart warming shade of autumn. Lindsay kindly makes many knits for others, I’m pleased she’s crafting these beauties for herself.


Raewyn continues to make magic with her circular needles on her leaf design wrap. The group was shown Raewyn’s purchase of the week – a fabulous set of interchangeable circular needles presented in an equally fabulous carry case……nice.


The journey continues for another travelling scarf…..we just love this concept….very, very cool.


This is special yarn…spun by Raewyn herself and her first effort to boot – there is nothing this woman can’t do!


Alice is knitting a cardy for her niece to wear to kindergarten. In a sensible shade of blue to compete against finger paint and all manner of child fun things. If all goes to plan Alice may have this completed to show us next week, with only the neck and front bands to do.

Another thing I like about my knitting group 🙂  – getting inspiration from seeing other people’s projects. It’s fun to see other people’s knitting patterns, new designs, and choice of yarn. You get ideas, encouragement, validation, and overall support from the other knitters in the group. You definitely get ideas about projects you want to start….like lace knitting….and sock knitting….and knitting toys…..and….and…and..



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