pompom making…….it’s been a while


One great thing about knitting with others – is when you need know how about something, there’s always someone who can help. Tonight Wendy set about making a pompom to finish her project and with reminders from the group on technique, the pompom was well on the way to completion.  The hat is going to be gorgeous!


I’m soooo in love with my latest FO…..it’s beautiful and I’m getting to wear it a lot as the weather is still rather chilly. Pattern : Sublime book #614 – ‘The exquisitely soft Sublime organic wool book’.


The striking thing about this design is that the garment is knit crossways so the cables run horizontal instead of in the usual vertical direction. Then the stitches for the bands are picked up and knit. I can’t rave enough about the merits of the yarn I used….merino/possum 60/40% DK mix from The Wool Company. Possum is warmer than wool, very light in weight and when combined with wool makes for sheer greatness.


Lindsay brought her FO lacey mohair scarf to show us this week.


The scarf is a gift destined for a friend in Australia and being feather-light will be perfect for the climes there. Now she’s knitting a pair of fingerless gloves for herself in an earthy rust shade using her favourite bamboo 2 pointed needles.


The leaf-look pattern on this shawl in the making is cool. Raewyn uses stitch markers to mark pattern repeats to keep track of the pattern – clever.


The great thing about this pattern is you can stop when the size suits. It’s knit in one piece too so no sewing up.


Behind every garment is the woman who made it. Karen still has a way to go but is dedicated to the task…….considering all the socks Karen makes I’d say a very dedicated knitter.


This is William, nephew of Raewyn, wearing his cool-as jacket birthday pressie made by Aunty Raewyn. The pattern is called Steggie by Julia Farwell-Clay, Knitty : Spring, 2009. That’s steggie as in stegosaurus and the blue and yellow spines were knit into the garment as was made, not added on afterward as one might imagine. Raewyn complained about the seemingly excessive sewing up……all credit to her for closing it with a zip and using the same contrast colours as for the spines, even though it meant having to buy 2 zips!  (pic copied with permission from Williams mum via Raewyn)


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