a travelling scarf


You’re possibly familiar with the term travel rug, if you live in NZ you will be – they’re old school and a story for another time. Tonight at iKnit Raewyn showed us a travelling scarf. This is such a cool, very cool idea – 12 people from around the globe each get to knit a 5 inch section of a scarf, passing it on to the next knitter, until it finally returns to the first knitter (who gets to keep the scarf). Each contributor adds their section as they see fit, i.e. stitch pattern and yarn colour. The travelling scarf (above pic) was started by a knitter in the US (pink end), Raewyn is second in line and has joined on the cabled blues. Raewyn is the only non US knitter involved in this scarf, that’s rather special in itself.

How special is that – to end up with a garment created globally by people unknown and yet connected to each other by their love of knitting. Raewyn’s own travelling scarf is in the hands of another knitter out there somewhere, probably being worked on right now, how exciting!


One of the things I like about iKnit is meeting new people. Simone joined us tonight for the first time and  lives just around the corner from me – it’s a small world after all.  She’s also knitting a scarf – working 1 ball each of rib, cables, rib.


These cute ankle socks knitted by Karen for a friend.


Karen is a real fan of variegated/multi coloured yarn and knits with it often.  It’s a real mystery how depending on the unique pre-patterned stripes (Regia Design Line & Opal Memory), fairisle (Regia Square Colour & Opal Rendezvous), spirals (Regia Galaxy) – you start knitting and the pattern just appears. This variegated blue yarn is beautiful, knitting in the round and 2 point needles – Karen’s mainstay. All the mentioned yarns are available from the fabulous NZ dedicated online knitting store The Yarn Queen.


Karen is also working on this shawl for a friend – kind lady, hardly ever knits for herself. The yfwd pattern almost getting the better of Karen.

I’m still labouring away on my vest, I finished the lower front 2×2 rib band and started the back band tonight. I’m so glad I went for the possum/merino mix yarn, it’s luxuriously soft.

I thought I’d share this little gem Wendy facebooked me last week ……. “Took ‘Mike’ to show mum and dad and Benji [the dog] went crazy wanting to grab him. Thankfully Mike came out unscathed. He’s now sitting on my heater.” Since finishing Mike, Wendy’s at a loss as to what to knit next, she’s opted for a baby’s hat in the meantime……..



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