to undo or not undo, that is the question

And the answer to my dilemma (mentioned in my last post) evolved after abandoning my project for 2 days which gave time for self annoyance to subside.  Without even glancing at my knitting,  I removed the needles, picked up a fresh ball and started again. After working a couple of rows I was over it.


Tonight at iKnit I’m about the same place I was last week when I realised my error – but hey, what’s 1 week!


The creation of Mike the monkey…..


Limbless …


… with a hint of Mike’s huge personality starting to emerge.


Now that has to hurt ….. Wendy really is very kind. The method of attaching the limbs means they will be jointed and move easily.


Mike the Monkey – good work Wendy – he’s gorgeous!


Brenda’s jacket is an intriguing design  – we’re all interested in how the sleeves and upper top, knitted in one, will connect with the lower. The yarn is 70% wool and 30% soy, soft and silky to the touch.


At iKnit we’re not knitting snobs – Raewyn produced this little crochet number made from a scrap of leftover sparkle yarn. The necklace took only an hour to make and Raewyn wore it with her sparkle top to a party last week.


The contrast colour thread used at the beginning of Lindsay’s mohair scarf is removed when the garment is finished. This trick stops the cast on row pulling in and curling – a good tip when very fine yarn is used. This scarf is knitting up much quicker than those made previously as this one is knit on 5mm needles.

Kate worked on her baby’s cardy, 1 1/2 sleeves to go, picot edging and it’s done.

This week I’ve promised Brenda I’ll delve into my ancient knitted toy patterns to find a golliwog pattern. I remember knitting a few gollies when I was a child, back in the days before they fell out of favour. Wendy has got me rather inspired to knit a toy next, I’m thinking I’d rather like to make a golly for Ania.


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