fingerless gloves


With only loose ends to deal to, Lindsay’s fingerless gloves are almost done.


Finished. Janet should be rapt with these, lucky girl! As often is the case, the pic doesn’t do justice in showing the full depth of colour which in reality is a much richer shade. Lindsay is not one to muck around, tonight she also cast on for a mohair scarf (another gift) ……..kind lady.


Our sock knitter, Karen’s latest efforts… does she do it! She did confess tonight that tedium does set in from time to time – the rib to ankle stretch in particular.


My vest is getting there. I’ve had the wind well and truly blown out of my sails though. After iKnit tonight I realised I misread the pattern front beginning and omitted 20 rows…I thought the side edge was narrow, dah! Now I’m stuffed…..I have to decide to either rip it up and restart or pick up the side edge and hope it works. I’m am not a happy camper!

Bits and pieces of Mike came tonight in Wendy’s knitting bag. Wendy didn’t pick her needles up during the week so hopefully he’ll be properly introduced next week.


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