mike the monkey


For a complete project change Wendy is powering her way through this cute-as pattern. Mike will probably come to iKnit next week all plumped up with fill, ready to charm us all. Wendy will take orders…


The finished article….. Wendy has good reason to be proud of her beautiful vest. The addition of a collar has made this merino/alpaca/possum garment something rather special.


Fingerless gloves for Lindsay’s daughter in a Rowan cotton/merino mix, and Zealana lacey pattern will be a quick project for Lindsay. The green mohair scarf is completed and with it’s new owner.

There seems to be a trend among the group that after finishing lengthy projects we opt for several fast knits. I completed the back of my vest tonight with it only taking a week to work, so I’m hoping to have the whole thing done in another couple of weeks. Then I’m switching back to baby garments for a while. Although, being quite taken with Mike ….. soft toys….now that’s got me thinking …. I’ve made a Gollie or 3 in my time.

Brenda announced her Cleckheaton jacket will be done for next winter ….. we are just into our second week of Spring as I write.

If you read Raewyn’s comment, you’ll know tonight she answered the call to help the ladies smash the men at bowls ….. there’s a hint we may see another FO from Raewyn next week …. check back for pics of her bag.


2 thoughts on “mike the monkey

  1. I’m going to miss you again this week, but don’t worry, I’m still knitting! Don’t hold your breath on the bag though, I’m working on a birthday present. Love the monkey, Wendy and I’m sorry I missed seeing your finished vest! (Oh, and the men smashed us, sorry to say.)

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