plastic needles…..never!

scarf fo

Pink fuzz – Brenda’s FO scarf for her Mum. Next time Brenda thinks she’ll make the key-hole smaller but apart from that was happy with the end result. Not that she’d be seen wearing pink!

Tonight Brenda cast on her next WIP,  a jacket (Cleckheaton book 968), worked in a colour some describe as ‘donkey’ and using 5mm plastic needles – created some discussion on the merits of metal/plastic/bamboo/wood needles, with general agreement plastic tended to have more rounded tips making them blunt and a pain to use!

making tassels

Lindsay’s on the final stage of her scarf project – winding yarn on her trusty notebook to make the fringe.


Kate (Lindsay’s daughter) is going to love this scarf, it will be an absolute pleasure to wear. The Touch yarn is a most becoming shade of green and being mohair, soft and cosy.

more socks

Karen’s back at iKnit tonight – these lovely knee highs evidence she has been knitting during her absence. Working on a pair of socks for her Dad, in between yawning, kept her busy tonight.

Raewyn's bag

Raewyn is going to rework the handle design on her bag, the bag body is shaping up really well. The combo of the stitch pattern with variegated yarn is effective.


Sublime book 614 has stunning patterns, my latest WIP on the cover. I’m knitting the drop shoulder polo cabled vest in a possum/merino DK mix from The Wool Company.  This is an exquisite mix, the possum fibre giving the finish a kind of hazey overlay effect. I went with Natural because it will go with everything and I gave in to my practical side at the time. It was a real struggle to leave behind Lipstick, an attractive raspberry shade…I’m going to have to come up with another DK project, that colour was beautiful. I usually buy yarn from The Wool Company online but was up their way a few weeks ago, well worth a visit if you’re ever passing.


One thought on “plastic needles…..never!

  1. Sorry I’m not going to see you this week – the bowling club needs me for their men vs ladies match and they’re short of gals. I dunno what makes them think I’m a lady 😉

    Anyway, I’ll be taking my knitting with me, so hopefully I’ll have an FO to share next time. Happy stitches til then!

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