Queen of the UFO no more!


As promised, Raewyn wore her finished and glorious lacey top to iKnit tonight. The self confessed queen of the UnFinished Object was feeling pretty pleased with herself, with good reason. The sleeves design proved a frustration and almost got the better of Raewyn a few weeks ago and the top almost thrown onto her UFO pile to languish with ‘the others’.

back view

Resisting the temptation to redesign the sleeves she stuck to the pattern. This is where a knitting group really comes into it’s own – with heaps of encouragement we spurred her on to get the job done. This garment is beautifully executed and the combo lace panels and splash of sparkle through the thread make this top a stunner…Raewyn will look great on the dance floor decked out in this.


Kallie & Chris’s new precious little Micah arrived safely Tuesday morning, giving Kallie an excellent reason she couldn’t make iKnit tonight! He’s sporting a cute beanie made by his proud dad (another first-time knitter).




All finished. Light as a feather, amazingly warm and so very, very soft – alpaca. Feels luxurious to wear and looks bought!


I love the buttons! Went with metal which ‘lifted’ the finished look and these particular ones were lightweight.


The 4ply weight yarn makes for a very fine rib – I like.


I am very pleased with the end result. The cardy fits perfectly, no gaping round the neck and the yoke effect is ‘different’ thanks to the variegated yarn in garter stitch.

Wendy worked on the second armhole band tonight and will likely bring her vest finished next week.

Lindsay has almost finished her daughters scarf…I think!


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