Stripey yoke “..the good old days revived in an up-to-date design..”

At last, I’m up to the yoke! This is my favourite part. Though not a true Fair Isle, this design is knit in a combo of variegated yarn and the grey of the main, I love this effect. my drops cardy

Garnstudio aka DROPS Design, have a huge range of free patterns. Access their site online and print off the patterns to your hearts content, this site is so worth visiting often.

katies first FO

The needles have been working overtime for everyone at iKnit this week. Kate’s 1st finished object – this is an awesome effort for a first-time knitter of 2 weeks……love the green!


Feeling the power of the addiction, Kate cast on 246 stitches for her next endeavour, a baby’s cardy, knit in one piece to the arm divide. After mastering garter stitch Kate chose a pattern in stocking stitch to practice purl.

kallie's pattern

Kallie, 2 weeks and counting down before her baby is due, got to grips with yfwd to work a lace edge on her baby bolero, pattern by Snuggly in 4 ply.

brenda's FO

Not to be mistaken for a fungal muffin, Brenda’s FO, baby’s hat in DK is cute as (hat’s are in and sooo cool).

brenda's knit

It takes a strong woman to have her next pattern sorted, yarn at the ready, but devoted to completing a quick fill in project. Brenda worked on a key-hole scarf for her Mum she started last week.

lindsay's shawl

The FO’s kept coming this week – Lindsay presented her beautiful shawl.

lindsay's shawl 3

After washing the pattern really comes alive.

finishing kate's wrap

Finishing a lace knit wrap her daughter started, Lindsay is working her magic.

Lindsay's mohair

The mohair used by Lindsay is a gentle shade of green by Naturally, moss like.


Taking a breather and listening to the good conversation, Wendy knit on the buttonhole band of her almost completed vest.

A very productive week for all. We love knitting!


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