Cleckheaton stole her heart

Cleckheaton book 968

This is the gorgeous 3/4 sleeve pattern that Brenda has fallen for. Her book was passed around at iKnit and…..we approve! I think she may deter from the specified yarn, staying with variegated though which we all agreed is needed for the design to standout.

Cleckheaton 968

Cleckheaton 968 has some tempting patterns. I think I’ll do the lovely cable yoke job. This one, definitely not in the variegated variation.

knitting bag

My snazzy new knitting bag snapped up at a recent Spotlight sale.

lace book

Some posts ago I promised to display the cover of one of Lindsay’s lovely lace books. I know why I’m attracted to this one the most….it’s the exquisite GREEN wrap……..breathtaking. This has to be one of my favourite shades.


This less than good pic doesn’t do justice to Wendy’s almost completed vest. The moss detailing, front and back, adds a touch of class. The alpaca/merino/possum mix yarn bought at $3 a ball was a steal.

alpaca sleeve

One sleeve down, one to go! Having the flu in between has slowed down the effort some. I like the result of knitting-in-the-round so much I feel inclined to make that my new norm. No seams, less sewing – how cool is that!

in the bag

Raewyn’s sparkly top is almost in the bag.


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