iKnit…..we all knit…..love to knit

iknit ladies

iKnit – thought it was about time I posted a group pic – so here it is.  Karen and Diana couldn’t make iKnit this week and are missing from the photo.


Brenda’s Work In Progress – fluffy hat

Brenda's wip July

This fiber is so tactile and inviting. I’m really drawn to it. There seems to never be enough time to do all my ideas…….maybe one day. Brenda described her next project, she’s fallen in love with an interesting looking garment for herself. She’s buying the Cleckheaton pattern book tomorrow so hopefully I’ll get a look at it next week. It’s a jacket with a collar, knit in a variegated 12 ply rib (had a peek on-line….nice!). Seems to be the thing with knitters (probably creative sorts in general), we’re always dreaming about the next thing while working on the current project in hand.

Brenda's FO

Striped baby’s jacket. Brenda made a beautiful job finishing this little jacket……she said she won’t be doing stripes again for a while though, they proved a bit of a nightmare.

Linday's wip

With a 1/4 edge remaining, Lindsay’s shawl will soon be done. She’s not rushing it and is enjoying working every stitch.

Wendy wip July

Wendy was going like the clappers tonight working on the last side on her vest. The speed of her needles admired by new knitters, Kallie and Kate.

Kallie & Kate

First steps – we’re proud of you guys, you’re an inspiration! Kate is making a baby’s beanie, her first ever project – no small feat while breastfeeding sweet Ania (my precious grandbaby).

Raewyn July wip

The sparkly top is almost finished, Raewyn was enticed by Lindsay’s lace knitting books…… and has succumbed.


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