learning to knit…..cool as

iKnit welcomes all knitters (and wannabe knitters)

This week Kallie joined us for the first time. She’s been knitting for only 2 weeks and in that time has turned out several bootees, and a baby’s beanie – impressive. She’s really enjoying her new found craft – the results of her first projects have encouraged Kallie to start on a baby’s bolero.  A new challenge – and she’s up to it! Kallie’s first baby is due in a month and she’s hoping to get a few little things made before the big event.

Kallie's bootee

After getting a tip or two on sewing up, Kallie finished off the bootee – tooo cute. Bootees aren’t the easiest items for a beginner and Kallie seems to have got the tension issue sussed.


Karen was back from her holiday in Christchurch – finished the second sock for her husband, completed a sock for her mum, and is going all out on this knit for her daughter. It’s a reknit, the wool coming from a garment her Aunty had, how cool is that. Now Karen’s daughter will be getting ‘new’ wear from it. The sheep who gave that fleece must be smiling.

happy sheep

Happy sheep

The rest of us are at various stages with our long haul projects.


I’ve just started the sleeves on my cardigan – double pointed needles – now that’ll slow me down………..


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