the colour purple

Ania’s cardigan is finished.


It’s another cute design that will look sweet-as on her… and yes I am biased. The collar is very special and the edging is easy, it’s all in the cast off row.

purple back view

I discovered when I went to buy the buttons how many shades of purple there are. Mauve, purple, aubergine and grape are only a few of the shades in the purple range.

purple buttons

The button selection on offer was not huge and I was determined not to have to search further. I think my choice is rather cool….not what I first had in mind but I like the abstract blend of tones.

An update on Wendy’s lovely baby singlets, made for her friend who has now had the twins –  two girls named Georgia and Annabelle. There is a pic of the singlets in a previous post.

sparkly top

Raewyn’s top is looking great! It was admired by us all – we’re looking forward to seeing the finished article. Ideal for evening/special occasion wear it’d be awesome in black sparkle as well.

pre washed shawl

Lindsay explained that her shawl will look totally different once it’s been washed and blocked – before being washed for the first time the pattern is not clearly visible.

thread markers

Raewyn made these beautiful stitch markers, they’d make gorgeous earrings.

stitch markers

I don’t use anything nearly as flash for stitch markers – just some contrast yarn or a safety pin.


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